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Be In Control Of Your OWN THOUGHTS!


Hi Quedi! Im new here and the first thread i thought id check out is meditation. It's okay brother, i've been there, i know the feeling. I DO!!! I started meditating for about 5-6 months, and i had the same issue starting! I mean it was severe, id be all happy, then the thoughts keep interrupting me, like it would NOT SHUT UP! Id be sweating in my bed. I mean, i began to feel that i wasn't in control of my own thoughts. It has never been like this until i began to meditate. Thoughts begin to analyze thoughts and your left brain kicks in and tries to medicate the irrational thoughts with logic..... it doesn't work. Today, im much more in control, id say before i was about 30% now i feel im about 100% Ive got several methods for you. And believe me, its a long road, but really you'll get there. And all the dark energies that plague the majority of our people, ARE REAL! You can't tell yourself that they are not, as mentioned by someone else, because obviously it has effected you, and i believe that we are what we think we are. Thats why i feel like there is a problem in society, o pshh.. theyre just thoughts, then they get diagnosed and prescribed medication and they "pretend" they are better, but the problem persists and worsens. NO, it is real. that is why we believe in the very idea of the power of thought. So i know it can be frustration when someone tells you to paint a nice portrait when you don't even know how to draw. YOU KEEP TRYING BUT DAMMIT YOU CANT! You just need to know where to start. This is the solution. I mean, it's those willing to begin the healing that encounter these problems. You are everything that ever was and ever will be. Youve been on this earth hundreds of times. You are much more then you can EVER imagine. You are a spiritual being having a human experience. You are a light being, and no matter how much darkness there is, it can never touch any light.

YOU ARE THE LIGHT! Sure easier said then done right? When you feel like no matter how hard you try, you feel its impossible. If your anything like me, you will experience a roller coaster ride. ON TOP OF THE WORLD! No N.E.(negative energies) gonna get through now! haha, until you do something silly like look up demons on youtube, or watch ghost videos. Then your back to square one. And you have a whole new beast to defeat SIGHS* These NEs are are all there, your plate is full, so first off. AVOID THE FEAR NE. Don't watch videos that you know will cause unnecessary fear. Don't run from the fears you have already, but don't add extra onto your plate. We learn 10% through conscious messages and 90% subconscious. No wonder media keeps pumping this stuff out. To keep us in a low vibration state of fear. Don't try, DO! How? I know, if i said dont think of the NE, most likely you wont win... because you are still trying. and if i said, think of loving memories, you could but then probably have problems like i did too, because those thoughts are cluttered. Now if i said, feel the positive energy of someone you love, CAN YOU DO THAT!?? Of course u can! how does it feels to be pissed off at someone, now with reference to that, vibrate higher and think of how it felt to love or be loved. Im sure you can do that. All the Negative experiences were all meaningful. Now check this neat trick out. Forgive those that abused you and cause you stress and say i love you too. Because no one is perfect. You will begin to feel immense amount of love. This is what the buddha was talking about when he meant to practice commpassion. Without understanding what fear or hate is how can you ever full appreciate love? Both energies are necessary.

Theres a chinese toy called finger cuffs. Your fingers are binded, and the harder you pull, the tighter it gets. Only until you learn to relax and not resist or fight will can you free your fingers. It is effortless. It is the moment accept.

okay, Ill tell you one creepy thing. Every time i entered a loving meditative state, my house would rustle. AND MY TV WOULD CRACK! one time it said, CRUH CRAHC CAK KAK! i was like @_@ in my bed. I mean i was fine meditating till i noticed that pattern. For a time i was freaked out. The meditation consist of expanding inner light. And naturally i was like o crap, there is something else in here.... bad idea. Cause then id fall deeper. But as soon as i pulled myself out of it and begin my meditation again, which is done laying down, i hear again, CRAP CAK PAK! haha. so, what did i tell myself? IM CAUSING IT WITH MY PE(postive energy) !! So i began to accept the sound, and not fight it. I flung that hot ass blanket and laid there, just confronting my thoughts head on. Like when Buddha spoke of the his encounters with all his inner demons, they shot arrows at him, and all he did was turn them into flower pedals. Be creative. I mean before it was scary for me to have my foot leak out of my blanket but with time, you'll realize ALLLLLL that stuff is an internal struggle. So the house rustled, well now, i say, I want to invoke the cosmic light of love to expand and to rustle the world and send that light and energy to everyone and everything! U see, it began to work to my advantage.

Here it is. Promote love! No more fighting. I got this from "the secret"(movie on the power of thought) Our society is so concerned with "anti" this and that. Anti drugs Anti War Ati Hunger Anti Bankers, and its always a fight. Its like when a left brained dude tries to ague with a right brain gal, and all they do is get angrier and angrier cause one doesnt listen to the other. But as soon as one speaks his thoughts, made their point with a love reinforcement, and gives his attention to other person throwing pride aside, the other person gets a short lived victory. They walk away and think to themselves... shit...i was so wrong, can't believe i was so mean to him.... then she comes back with an apology, AND THEY LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER. Pro food, pro peace, pro prosperity. NO MORE "anti", I think its a law of physics. Newtons law, for each force there is an equal and opposing force. So it only makes sense that when you fight your thoughts, it will only fight back. Well dont fight, just turn around and LOVE! This is how i deal with life. Promote LOVE, dont fight those neg thoughts anymore. When you turn on your light bright enough, those thoughts will be so insiginicant they will seem to disappear. AND THIS DOES NOT MEAN IGNORE. You are always aware, but you now have a new focus.Thats all you gotta do, how does love feel? Remember It! Embrace it! Promote it! FEEEL IT! im not talking about your brain, you dont have to think about what love looked like in your head, cause thats just gonna get you tangled again, HOW DID IT REALLY FEEL! Like all around you. In your body, your heart. What was the atmosphere? For me, i thought of family and friends very happy moments in my life and focused on the energy/emotions/feelings from those moments, instead of the visuals.

You are on the right path cause you have the intent for positive energy. when you are on a freeway, and you drive the wrong way you realize you are 100miles away from where you wanted to be. Well as soon as you realize you make a U turn. You wont get back immediately, but you are now on the right track. The best part is, you are now driving full speed because you have love and intent. Fear drove you slowly the wrong way, love is so powerful, it can get you back in twice the speed. Thats my belief anyway. So begin driving the right way, and that is to promote PE. Don't spend that energy blocking the NE. Let go, accept.

Just feel with your heart. Once you can stop resisting, and just let go and release, meditation can be a very blissful experience, your boddy begins to vibrate and tingle with energy(thats what happens with me, and yeah... your imagination is endless, sometimes i like to think im a super saiyan shining healing light on the earth hahahah) and with your eyes closed, you begin to light up.

So just know you are not alone. Here are some meditations mp3s from Dr. Brian Weiss as well as his book incase you wanted to learn more about Dr. Weiss. An amazing story about how a a psychiatrist encounters things through his practice that would change his whole world as well as the psychiatric community.

I suggest listening to the MP3s sitting or laying down in the garden, at a park, or even a bed before or after you sleep! Try not to fall asleep though! This mediation in my personal oppinion has the potential to heal you from any and all AILMENTS or traumas you may have buried deep within from child hood, AND EVEN PAST LIVES!!!! Buckle your seat belt.

Garden and love meditation(my fav)

Mirrors Of Time

Healing Light Palace

Time Travel Healing

Here is his first book, Brian_L_Weiss. Very short and easy read. Amazing book.

THE ULTIMATE HEALING Meditation, including the Youtube Video. Already posted it earlier of course. After you feel like your in control of you mind, you are not only ready to energize yourself but heal and energize the world.

LIGHT WORKERS, RAISE THE EARTH'S VIBRATION with Alaje777's(Pleiedian incarnate) mediation.

MP3 version

Have fun love and light to you!

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  1. takes a lot of effort to pull yourself away from stress to take time to meditate.....and as we all ready know, even to read any one else's conclusions or opinions.....Thanks for trying to help folk