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Thoughts on Post Mayan Calendar, Dec. 21st 2012

Wow, where do i begin? Haha, i guess i'll start the way a lot of other people start out when talking about post Dec. 21  2012. W E're STILL ALIVE! Hahah, as you may already know, my grammer isn't very impressive. I see the greater purpose of writing, is really to get your idea down, and message out. I'm pretty scatter brained, so when i write i try not to think too much, otherwise, i'd never get get all the points i had in mind down. So sorry bout that.

AnyWAY! This whole 2012 situation have definitely proven to be a big wake up call to myself, to the world. Iv'e gained so much knowledge about myself, about love, about the people around me, oneness, PITFALLS, false claims, SOOo many things. I've become a lot more in tuned with my health, i meditate, i stay positive, i'm more open of new information, more objective, and also very careful with the info. Best of all Im more optimistic. Who knew exactly what was gonna happen in Dec 21 12?

Many people thought it was focused on one day, these are the folks who don't understand the greater picture of things. First of all i'd like to get it straightened out, I never believe in something 100% nor do i discredit anything 100% ive said this over and over in this whole blog, the important thing is that we remained open. I see that after 2012 the journey JUST begun, to many skeptics, it ended. I see great change occurring  at a rapid rate, and again, skeptics, see that same ol thing. It comes down to where you direct your attention.

2012 there was no end of the world(even though that was never my position) There was no great dna transformation(not apparent anyway) and YES, this was one of the things I was hoping for, but no it didn't happen in one day. As well as it should not, i believe this is one of those things that is gradual and i am still hopeful, that it's true. All we can do is hope that these things are true, but it is ALWAYS safe to base our beliefs on experience and not hearsay, but NEVER allow this to close off any idea entirely.

Just because you scoop a glass of water from the ocean, does not mean the ocean doesn't have sharks and whales. Our "modern" understanding of this Universe is limited to our belief that we are only a couple thousand years old. A mere 2-4000 years old. According to popular belief anyway. Can we REALLLLY begin to close off ideas that are unknown to us today? No, this would be completely foolish. Let's say  there were advanced civilizations(an yes BIG plural) that existed millions of years ago, who are in existence today, how can we begin to comprehend, or compare our 4000 yr old understanding of the universe to their 1,000,000+ year understanding of things(1,000,000 is still but a fraction, about those(again HUGE PLURAL) who range in the BIlLIONS(Michio Kaku' and his talk about type 1 civ. would be blah type 2 civilization blah blah, to me they all sounded like type "human thinking"). At their rate, they'd be gods RIGHT? No they just go pew pew with lazer guns and space ships like in our sci fi. NOOOO. Absolutely not, this is confined to our small 4000 year old understanding of things. They'd have the ability to seed life, create life, better then any robot or video game today, hek theyd be creating realites, How do we no we aren't  one of those realities/dimensions amongst infinite relealities. This would be considered basic "technology"(the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes) for them. To us, it's not science, thus we shove it off the esoteric/spiritual/afterlife as unscientific, mumbo jumbo, because we've yet to undertand it.

For all we know the intelligent beings/gods could be the suns in the sky. MAYBE THOSE are the ultimate enlightened beings. They have a finite lifespan, suns are the source of life. SOme are old enough to go wayyy back. They seed planets like earth, without light, nothing can survive.
 We are all energy vibrating on a 3rd dimentional level. Is this CRAZY TALK? okay ask any physist whos been able to zoom in on the tinyiest partical, we are all energy. Light is energy. The stars are big balls of energy. HMMMmmmmmmmmm. Just cause it does'nt have eyeballs hair teeth and fingers like us, it's properties remain ABSOLUTELY intelligent and life like. And we look at it through the eyes of humans and we base it on our own reality. An ant looks up at a human, and says, those big mountains are things are moving my way ahhhh,(again im basing the eyes of ants through the eyes of a human, hehehe) He doesn't know WHAT to think about us, other then respond to anything that threatens his life(sorry hes a boy) He has NO comprehension of what we are, he doesnt go home to ant school at talk to his friends about, that human that killed bob and 50 other friends. o Anyway I DIGRESS.

 My main point is, think outside of yourself. Putting yourself outside of the human mind means, admitting that we have yet to know EVERYTHING. Again, just because a glass of ocean water does not contain sharks and whales does not mean, there aren't any sharks and whales. we can never be absolutely sure. All we can hope for is to continue to learning, and that those lessons will provide support for love and life. Because what good is knowledge if that knowledge is only used for evil/selfishness.

Although it may seem that there is sooo much chaos is going on around us, it really is an illusion(mainly by the media) How many times has a killing been made around your street? Is it daily? Is there bombings on your street right now? or is it on tv? id say 99.99% doing fine, OTHERWISE YOU WOULDNT BE ABLE TO READ THIS! HAHAHAH  It's all about how you direct your attention, be the peace, and the world will be peaceful. (Again with the disclaimers) but don't be stupid, and ignore life. There are problems we must solve all around us, many having to do with ourselves, how we cope and respond to things, how we can change and adapt and learn from ourselves, what can we fix with ourselves. And not so much, how can we Change and fix others. Love yourself before you love others.

 My thoughts and views are culmination of experiences throughout life, and HUGE part of it was do to the plethora of research and experiences i've had during 2012. THIS is the paradigm shift  and millions of young people like myself, have begun communicating this way who would have otherwise NEVER even imagined to be speaking or talking this way.I'm "awake" whatever you call it. For me,  this means that the paradigm shift has occurred  and will continue to happen till everyone is awake, and says, DUHHH, kinda like how we said hmm slavery is bad!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Paradigm Shift

Tired of the same explanation, the same old fears and worries?Are you beginning to question things? Did you feel like theres got to be more? Do you feel like you are beginning to wake up? Are things changing or not going your way???? Relation ships falling out, losing jobs. If so, this MIGHT be the place for you. I do not have all the answers, nor do i believe i am fully "awake" It's been a long youtube journey. and it has lead me to some very bizarre things. An elephant in the living room kinda feeling(it's there but everyone ignores it as if it's not there, but some just can't ignore it cause it's ass is really in my face)
For those of you who discredit youtube, stay open. It's been our greatest outlet for freedom of expression since im not sure. Anyone can post WHATEVER THEY WANT wether it is the truth or it is a lie, it can be seen by the world IN AN INSTANT. I have faith in the people, and since the majority of Youtube is by the people, this leads me to believe that the sources can be very credible. All im saying is, stay open, you don't have to believe anything, nor do you have to agree with anything. Your opinion should be based on your personal experience and not based on befiefs of others. But just see things from all sides, and come up with your own conclusion.

HOW TO EXPERIENCE: Don't jump to scientific proof imediately, going into something with your mind made up is already a left brain thinking. Look for plausibility, logic, and STAY KEEN, Does it EVER CONTRADICT OR MAKE LONG JUMPS?? If so, stay clear. Were they suggesting or stating fact? Suggestions and theories remain open! Was it TO TEACH A LESSON??? INSTILL FEAR??? OR MAKE MONEY??? OR are they just mislead and going from their belief? Lessons maybe scary, but that is not the intention. Instilling fear would be videos, with something like Tragic photos, or random phenomenon's that are completely out of context . Such as some 2012 destruction films going around.
Now which one will it be, Red Pill or Blue Pill. Red See how deep the rabbit hole goes or blue wake up, the story ends, you believe whatever whatever you want to believe. The videos are in the order that i received all these messages. Also take breaks!
Have fun! ^__^

To start off, check this out, Heres a treat for all the highly logical folks skeptic folks out there, you may come across this through your own journey.
Some water moleculs that freezes our emotions.
Water documentary Evidence that consciousness and emotion has tangible effects on environment
Update, this is the 4rth time ive had to update this link, it keeps getting taken down, Here it is again. It seems as though every time i post it on facebook it gets removed. I'm no longer doing that anymore. People have to find their way on their own, being awake isnt something that is just handed it to you, we can show them the door, it's up to them to walk through and see whats on the other side.

1. Reincarnation DocumentariesAlternative to thinking in terms of spirituality. These are just a few, the list can go forever, these are just some of my favs i discovered about 5 years ago. If you already feel strongly feel like you understand and agree with reincarnation, i guess this is not for you. You can skip ahead. This will be the same with all other videos. Or if you just wanna see it go ahead.
little irish kid
English twins
little pilot boy

2. Ancient aliens. Also provides alternative for history (some of they're more prominent and intriguing videos) 1 or more, you decide.

Episode 3
ep 4

3. Klaus Dona- Further exploration of history, less sensationalized, and more grounded and to the point.

4. Brian Weiss’s interview. This is a major element in understanding what is to come. Accompanied with his 1rst book, same soul many bodies as well as 1 of his 6 digital mp3 meditation mp3s is essential. It will begin healing of all kinds of ailments, including physical and mental.
Here is his first book, Brian_L_Weiss. Very short and easy read. Amazing book.

5. Reincarnation through A physic's point of view(skip if you want to)

6. The super brain, how to double brain copacity.

7. Something Big is About to Happen by Gregg Braden
This is the intro to what will change everything. It Talks about Dna is linked to ancient alphabets, they have decoded the message of the source/god. Science finallcoming to grips with spirituality.

8. Dalai Lama making connection with physics, this one is just for fun (skip if you want)

9. Secret societies and illuminati( time to learn about the truth of our society)
Jim Marrs the Trillion Dollar Conspiracy, get ready to blow the whole system out of the water.

The illuminati Exposed By Muammar Gaddafi

Nato recently removed Gaddafi! He was a beautiful and great man, his people loved him, his country was prosperous, In libya when you get married you recieve 50,000$ Grant, a house was a human right, electricity was free, there was was no interest on their currency or loans. THAT WAS WHY WE HAD TO Get RID OF THEM. BECAUSE THEY WERE ABOUT TO END THE USE OF THE DOLLAR! we were all fooled again. Our media told us he was killing people, and rebels wanted him out, the rebels were Al Qaeda, the ones we fought against... and everyone just thinks everythings okay Just like iraq.

10. Prepare yourself for this one. It is 6 hours long, but it is now time to wake up and see the truth.
David Icke - The Lion Sleeps No More 1/2
David Ike how to free your mind. (you can skip this one if you want)
Why Can't David Can't Be Taken Out(also just for fun)

11. Spirit Science Let's take it easy now, these are really fun.
Im gonna start with ep12, cause it's the most fun

12. Ready to go deeper into the rabbit hole? These are videos from the more Keep in mind, they all get their sources through different channelings. First contact in 3...2.... go!
Pane Andov
warning, gloom and doom prophecy in this one. Heres my interpretation of this video i agree with 80% of what he says, everything but the fear part of it. Fear is a form of control. And anytime you are afraid, look at the reason. Remember says he got the information about the cracks in the earth from "astral planing" a message from ASTRAL BEINGS, if your familiar with this subject, you'll know this is basically semi dream world, semi inner-dimensional  When your in the astral world you can't trust every stranger you meet. The error may be in the preacher/interpretor not the message. Aside from that the crop circles are all full of good news, it depends on how you look at it. The count down in the crop circles is a countdown, but not a bad one. It talks about our sun and solar system transitioning as a whole, so if that is so, i dont feel like its gonna be all firery and scary, like he says it can AND WILL be seemless, if we all just love/rais vibration the world. Overall he does have a message of spreading love through meditation. And i believe in that. His meditation to charge the up the shields is free(free usually is good sign of love) and can be found in his site, i havent done that yet, but am planning to, but the one that he teaches you how to astral project, i don't buy into, it actually cost money. And thats okay, we still need to eat somehow. Overal a great video.
Awakening message from Pleiadians ( interesting story fun to listen to, is it true? No way to tell. Do i believe it? I believe in my life's experiences.)
Princess Kaoru Nakamaru (update april 30 2013. shez wrong, it didnt happen as she predicted. However there was a gigantic blanket of cloud that cover the sky that night, soo thick. Maybe some people might not notice it. At first i thought they were really big trees on the horizon, nooo there was a HuUUUuge dark cloud the night of 21st, the next morning there was an ominous cloud, other then that, everything was as regular as any other night. So Skip this one if you want to. 
Her website contains full resume and history.

13. Path to Acsention (absoultely beautiful presentations)

One of my most favorite
14. What happens if you DO or Dont Ascend (fun to listen to, as of right now april 30, his predictions are absolutely off, but again his interpretations remain somewhat open ended, other then that it was a nice presentation)
My all time favorite! I never belonged to any religion, matter of fact, i criticized most of them, but wow this sounds a lot like that nice place you guys keep talking about.
15. Toby Alexander
DNA Actiivation And ascension in 20121 Training with Toby Alexander Talks about soul memory

16. Symptoms to reflect on. Ive experienced ALL.
17. StellaleBret currently watching. Very inline with the other thinking except, says, we do NOT no forsure what exactly will happen.

18. Susan Joy Renissen Scientist who is explaining EVERYTHING, that is going on. All she is doing though, is creating unnecessaryfear, but at this point you may already be awake. Keep in mind, we may have all been this way at one point or another. I was... Compassion means understanding. *UPDATE* video was removed but you can still search her video up. Haha

19. Love vibration, good for meditation.
although my favorite is Brian Weiss's track one of Regression through the mirrors of time.

20. Overpopulation assessment. Here is both sides of the coin, i watched both. Use your intuition to see which one is not telling the whole story.
Over population myth
A long time ago, i criticized and bashed on a friend about over population being a myth. Today i wanted to apologize. I am NOT religious, nor do advocate, modern day religious thinking(spiritual NOT the same as Religious, we have a physical, mental and spiritual. Religious is institutionalized spiritualism) but he had it right all along. Notice in the two scenarios, which one instills fear. Bingo, follow your heart, if you are afraid, you might be using too much of your left brain. I was thinking to myself, YEAH, WE DONT DOUBLE EVERY couple of years! That would be impossible. 7billion today, isnt 14 billion the next. So that's what brought me to this video, and it all makes sense. SORRRY EVERYONE FOR CRITICIZING YOU!

Conclusions so far
Smile, be happy, live your life with love, if generating your dna requires love, then be happy. I don't think you have to do much, other then feel good. Erase bad memories, erase negative thought. I deleted all my terrible blogs and journal, that was filled with sadness and anger, sometimes hate. Don't hold on to these things. Let go. Think of the ones you love, and even the ones you despise, the ones who hurt you, try and and learn from them, and forgive them. If they make you angry depressed, they control you. If you can learn to let it go and ultimately be unaffected altogether then, even better. Obviously we are a new specie, created by higher dimensional/god beings in their image. Therefore we are their babies, but what will happen next is uncertain. All races of the "gods/higher beings"(i believe in one god) do not know what going to happen, thats why mayans and all the other prophecies end at 12/21/12 ALl they can tell us is, that it will be good, and that would be like a father or mother telling a child who falls and scrapes their knee. The best way to heal them is give them love(of course clean the wound, which can be physically loving experience) And best of all tell them, everything will be fine. When we are so caught up with our emotions and dramas, all need to understand is, have faith(NOT BLINDE FAITH) of course, trust your intuition, dont fear, do not worry about the future toooo much(of course prepare and be active) but do not get stuck in the what HAPPENS TOMORROW, GOTTA PAY THE BILLS, or get stuck in the past, and think about all the wrongs in your life, and live in the now, which does NOT mean, just go on and live recklessly(drugs sex violence) It means stop to smell the roses, go to the beach, have party, bbq, be with family, simply HAVE FUN!! cause with good vibrations, good good good vibrations, like that song, wow makes sense now... hahah we will grow and reach whatever goal we desire, and THAT INCLUDES GETTING BACK to your 12 strand dna. But keep it balanced, remember your responsibilities and chores, but why not bring back with you the happy loving feelings, that will get you through it. Bees, fish, birds, all these animals functions as one, if we learn to function and even think as one, think of the possibilities.
21. It's the Secret. (i take this more as a principle and ideology, a way of living, of course this will not apply to physically disabled, or born into complete poverty, of course these instances are subject to change, the odds are very unlikely.)
22.Earth's Magnetic Field is dropping, a lot of scientific evidence, but you could imagine the fear it brings for those who don't have a more well rounded perspective. So here is one fore you science junkies.

I believe in Science, I believe in christianity, buddhism, islam, hinduism and all other religion. If we get over our ego, and look beyond the differences, then we will all know, there is only love. The Majority of use. We were taught to have a logical rational mind, the rational mind can not explain spirituality. NOT YET anyway. That is why i went on this long journey. I wanted a logical explanation For SOMETHING TOTALLY IRRATIONAL AND ILLOGICAL. And now i am here. I am here.

24. Removing Negative Energy/spy ware viruses from hardrive from your environment/matrix hard drive as well as powerful defense spells/codes as i like to call them. In the second video.

25. Fluoride is in Our WATER! Detoxy for the pineal gland! Remember the water videos in the beginning? Just speak of love and thank the water, and you will cleanse the water.
Sacramento Water showing Fluoride is added/additive
Fluoride Cartoon

Fluoride: The Hard to Swallow Truth Documentary Shows what people really know about fluoride, people are asked on the streets, and makes them think.

26.Earths plea for love peace and happiness.
Heres a crazy one, side step, CRAZYYY!!! technology free energy and worldly issues. WAKE UP MESSAGE.

27. ONE THE MOST REASSURING VIDEO YOU WILL SEE!!! We have done it! Moved into a new consciousness. Now lets turn the tide and be peaceful.
Birth Of A New Humanity Drunvalo Melchizedek:

28. Hell does not existexternally, its here an now, and so is heaven. Its the path we live, love or hate, and this Pasture is inline with the things we see throughout these videos.

Indigo Children Documentary
Lonely are the Starseeds Pleiadian Starseeds.
Awakening 2012 A message of hope!
Beautiful Amazing Leija Turunen, words of love and wisdom.
David Wilcock- 2011-2012 5th Dimensional Shift
Signs that you are Awakening


31. When i thought my 11:11 phenomenons couldn't be anymore amazing..
12 21 12 11:11 am

PLEIADIANS they have the answers, they preach love, and have a very practical answer, that is to spread love. I was turned off by a lot of the groups who say they can teach you how to meet the requirements for assenstion for a price. Some groups more so then others, while some actually give out free seminars, their prices at the end were a little questionable, and i thought the goal was to wake up as many people as possible as fast as we can, well if that's the goal, why are the courses so expensive? So what ive found here, is the messages of777Alaje an actual pleiadian incarnated with message that shine through with absolute love and compassion, AND THEY ARE FREE.

He gives you the whole STORY .

Another one from Pleidians- run down on everything about life, this makes more sense then anything else iv'e ever been told. Don't take my word for it, you judge it yourself. 18parts

Plieadian Mother Colleen Thomas, broken into RT NEWS! The message broke through. Wow... unbelievable.

32. Message to All Healers Lightwoworkers.
Please use this prayer or meditation generate the love vibrations we need to heal ourselves and the world. Love Light Meditation. Use the love you generate in these, and imagine the energy spreading out to the world.
Light workers Co Creating Ascension for world dont just read in you mind, read out loud and meditate on it.
Brian Weiss Love Meditation MP3 helps heal yourself of alLLllll Ailments, physical, mental, spiritual! Suggest listening to this on your mp3 player before you sleep in bed, or in garden EVERYDAY:
I am america, some interesting stuff.

Lets Modernize the Language...
Man, after this long journey discovering so many weird and crazy things, I felt the fear and the confusion going on right now is due to a problem in language and communication, I at times get pretty spooked. So i broke it down to something you guys can all understand. If you think the stuff im saying is crazy, then check out my last post. I do not have proof, i have experience. So which will it be Red or Blue Pill. ^__^ its up to you.
Humans/earth/life itself- The computer.
God- Electricity/Light/power source in this example. God is in all of us!!!!!!!!!!!!! duhhh...
Angels/ Light Beings/ Plieadians /Syrians/Galactic Federation- Protection ware, updates, currently cluttered with mal ware(calcified pineal gland, our psychic organ located in the center of your brain AKA 3rd eye which actually consist of cornea, retina, lens, located in the center of our heads. BIZARRE RIGHT? Think about it ), so we can't receive themz...
AscendedMasters(Jesus/Buddha/Muhammad etc.) - The system maintenance team (on call)
Prayers/Violet Flames Reiki/meditation- Protection and cleaning software.
Light workers(indigo/violets/crystal children etc)- updated computers, still susceptible to viruses, SOME FAR LESS THEN OTHERS. However more likely to see things as they are. It is a very expensive process to get these computers out, which is why we need a quick and easy systems transfer, Accession.
Accession- Transferring of Software to a usb to a new computer/ Or maybe we can call it, direct upload to a new system.
Demons/reptilians/shadow self/negativity/illuminati- Viruses/hackers/spyware/malware(very important as well as teach us what we need to do to stay balanced and to better the system)
12 strand DNA Activation- Zip files, File conversion, like old doc files into docx, loosely speaking, can't send folders... Gotta fully packaged and zipped. Another metaphor maybe, computer windows to mac transfer, files must be converted from exe to mac compatible first.
Love/ SELF LOVE/gratitude/positivity/compassion/high frequency-the act of cleaning up hardrive, and making space for system update, downloading, downloading, and downloading and leaving the system to perform system up date. So it's a constant download
Cosmic radiation/ photons/ energy sent from galactic center/- Data transmited to our sun then to us.
Fear, hate, anger, obsession, negative feelings, stress, low vibrational frequency -the act of downloading too much malware. The more you do, the more cluttered it gets, the further away from being able to a proper system update.
Curse/Bad Luck/Bad Carma- Virus trojan horse. *If you suffering from repeated failures, prone to accidents. Pattern in your life for years. You can do something about it. Look... Im not christian, not religious AT ALL, but get past the language. "Jesus" on good friday cancelled the curse. If you don't believe, try it out yourself, your life can either change for the good, or stay the SAME! Again, i did not agree with the pasture all the way. Such as, the part about the psychics, it was HIS interpretation. YOU CAN NOT WORSHIP ANY OTHER GOD! Well what if all the profits that we understand today, all worked for the same god! well then, I can understand. First watch this* Or skip ahead, there isn't only one path to clearing a "curse" and that is dependent on your belief system. For example you maybe able to meditate the negative energies. Or maybe you just have this drive in your life, where you are just sooo optimistic you are bound to succeed no matter what!
1rst Ex Gang Member Coke Head, Removed his curse.!
2nd Pasture Derek- Breaking Generational Curses
Blessing/Happy Wishing/ Prayer- Protection Ware
Heaven/5th dimension/ higher consciousness/- Okay, imagine this, what we are currently working with are clunky computers from the 70s, yeah, really, it's hard to imagine, the way we see reality, things we see, believe, and feel, not that there is anything wrong with the 70s, we are just computers from that era. Imagine all of a sudden, if we are given, 2015 computers, with almost all of the amazing programs installed and ready to go. U MEAN I CAN MAKE MUSIC?? YOU MEAN PHOTOSHOP? YOU MEAN I HAVE MORE THEN 5MB, BUT WHA??? THE COMPUTER IS FLAT, AND LIGHT, HOW DIS BE POSSIBLE? That would be a pretty cool. Well this is what Heaven and all these other places will be like. And that's why they are saying this is an event that has never happened in the universe, millions are watching. EXCITING

"We are spiritual beings having a human experience"
With that said, that means, we chose to be here, and we are lucky to be here, imagine this. There are infinite souls looking for the tickets to the boat to the most exoctic place in the univers, they can only give out 7billion to humans, YOU HAVE A TICKET!!

TIME TO HEAL! Raise the Vibration Of Earth!
These are meditation tracks that will help you heal from ANY KIND of ailment. Im posting these cause a friend mind has a cancer in his head, and i really wanted to help but please support Dr. Brian Weiss if you havnt already, his books can be bought on amazon for as little as 5 bucks. They have changed my life, im a lot happier and healther then i have ever been =)
Here the link to the book again if you missed it.

I suggest listening to them sitting or laying down in the garden, at a park, or even i bed before or after you sleep! Try not to fall asleep though!
RAISE THE EARTHS VIBRATION with Alaje777's(Pleiedian incarnate) mediation.
MP3 version
Have fun love and light to you!