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Thoughts on Post Mayan Calendar, Dec. 21st 2012

Wow, where do i begin? Haha, i guess i'll start the way a lot of other people start out when talking about post Dec. 21  2012. W E're STILL ALIVE! Hahah, as you may already know, my grammer isn't very impressive. I see the greater purpose of writing, is really to get your idea down, and message out. I'm pretty scatter brained, so when i write i try not to think too much, otherwise, i'd never get get all the points i had in mind down. So sorry bout that.

AnyWAY! This whole 2012 situation have definitely proven to be a big wake up call to myself, to the world. Iv'e gained so much knowledge about myself, about love, about the people around me, oneness, PITFALLS, false claims, SOOo many things. I've become a lot more in tuned with my health, i meditate, i stay positive, i'm more open of new information, more objective, and also very careful with the info. Best of all Im more optimistic. Who knew exactly what was gonna happen in Dec 21 12?

Many people thought it was focused on one day, these are the folks who don't understand the greater picture of things. First of all i'd like to get it straightened out, I never believe in something 100% nor do i discredit anything 100% ive said this over and over in this whole blog, the important thing is that we remained open. I see that after 2012 the journey JUST begun, to many skeptics, it ended. I see great change occurring  at a rapid rate, and again, skeptics, see that same ol thing. It comes down to where you direct your attention.

2012 there was no end of the world(even though that was never my position) There was no great dna transformation(not apparent anyway) and YES, this was one of the things I was hoping for, but no it didn't happen in one day. As well as it should not, i believe this is one of those things that is gradual and i am still hopeful, that it's true. All we can do is hope that these things are true, but it is ALWAYS safe to base our beliefs on experience and not hearsay, but NEVER allow this to close off any idea entirely.

Just because you scoop a glass of water from the ocean, does not mean the ocean doesn't have sharks and whales. Our "modern" understanding of this Universe is limited to our belief that we are only a couple thousand years old. A mere 2-4000 years old. According to popular belief anyway. Can we REALLLLY begin to close off ideas that are unknown to us today? No, this would be completely foolish. Let's say  there were advanced civilizations(an yes BIG plural) that existed millions of years ago, who are in existence today, how can we begin to comprehend, or compare our 4000 yr old understanding of the universe to their 1,000,000+ year understanding of things(1,000,000 is still but a fraction, about those(again HUGE PLURAL) who range in the BIlLIONS(Michio Kaku' and his talk about type 1 civ. would be blah type 2 civilization blah blah, to me they all sounded like type "human thinking"). At their rate, they'd be gods RIGHT? No they just go pew pew with lazer guns and space ships like in our sci fi. NOOOO. Absolutely not, this is confined to our small 4000 year old understanding of things. They'd have the ability to seed life, create life, better then any robot or video game today, hek theyd be creating realites, How do we no we aren't  one of those realities/dimensions amongst infinite relealities. This would be considered basic "technology"(the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes) for them. To us, it's not science, thus we shove it off the esoteric/spiritual/afterlife as unscientific, mumbo jumbo, because we've yet to undertand it.

For all we know the intelligent beings/gods could be the suns in the sky. MAYBE THOSE are the ultimate enlightened beings. They have a finite lifespan, suns are the source of life. SOme are old enough to go wayyy back. They seed planets like earth, without light, nothing can survive.
 We are all energy vibrating on a 3rd dimentional level. Is this CRAZY TALK? okay ask any physist whos been able to zoom in on the tinyiest partical, we are all energy. Light is energy. The stars are big balls of energy. HMMMmmmmmmmmm. Just cause it does'nt have eyeballs hair teeth and fingers like us, it's properties remain ABSOLUTELY intelligent and life like. And we look at it through the eyes of humans and we base it on our own reality. An ant looks up at a human, and says, those big mountains are things are moving my way ahhhh,(again im basing the eyes of ants through the eyes of a human, hehehe) He doesn't know WHAT to think about us, other then respond to anything that threatens his life(sorry hes a boy) He has NO comprehension of what we are, he doesnt go home to ant school at talk to his friends about, that human that killed bob and 50 other friends. o Anyway I DIGRESS.

 My main point is, think outside of yourself. Putting yourself outside of the human mind means, admitting that we have yet to know EVERYTHING. Again, just because a glass of ocean water does not contain sharks and whales does not mean, there aren't any sharks and whales. we can never be absolutely sure. All we can hope for is to continue to learning, and that those lessons will provide support for love and life. Because what good is knowledge if that knowledge is only used for evil/selfishness.

Although it may seem that there is sooo much chaos is going on around us, it really is an illusion(mainly by the media) How many times has a killing been made around your street? Is it daily? Is there bombings on your street right now? or is it on tv? id say 99.99% doing fine, OTHERWISE YOU WOULDNT BE ABLE TO READ THIS! HAHAHAH  It's all about how you direct your attention, be the peace, and the world will be peaceful. (Again with the disclaimers) but don't be stupid, and ignore life. There are problems we must solve all around us, many having to do with ourselves, how we cope and respond to things, how we can change and adapt and learn from ourselves, what can we fix with ourselves. And not so much, how can we Change and fix others. Love yourself before you love others.

 My thoughts and views are culmination of experiences throughout life, and HUGE part of it was do to the plethora of research and experiences i've had during 2012. THIS is the paradigm shift  and millions of young people like myself, have begun communicating this way who would have otherwise NEVER even imagined to be speaking or talking this way.I'm "awake" whatever you call it. For me,  this means that the paradigm shift has occurred  and will continue to happen till everyone is awake, and says, DUHHH, kinda like how we said hmm slavery is bad!

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