Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ground Breaking News

UPdate april 25, I admit, Cosmic light bit turned out to be an outlet i can't trust, theres just so much stuff flying around, alot of it bs. Cosmic light being one of them. But we live and learn. This being one of the many lessons, can't trust everything you hear. I will leave everything up cause i don't want to hide anything.

Update: ALthough has good intentions, and about spreading love etc. They are not a site to be trusted, in my opinion, they are polarizing the whole thing, and turning the whole thing into a religion. They speak of everything as truth. They blatantly support political parties, in this cas obama, demonstrating their level of ignorance. Much of the the stuff i heard from them got me in trouble, because i began to preach what they were saying with complete certainty. They've made a fool of themselves, and worse, me. 

Galactic Federation Disclosure
Cosmic Light
There may be an announcement.

Free ENergy for the World Keshe

Olympics false flag date is 8/4 august 4, but with all the crazy arrest, it maybe to late for them. They can't complete their plan. Still good to be aware.

we have been conditioned by the media elite the cabal the controllers to think anything of an alien or ufo extraterrestrial that they evil horrible beings that they are here to come in to take over to destroy our planet, when actually it was just the oppisite, they are extremely advanced loving beings, that are of the human condiition, they are our anscestors, wether it is the plieadians syrians acturians from the other planets around us, they are so far advanced in conciousness they are filled with love, we are decendents of them, they are our ancestors, our dna comes from them, there is nothing to fear, in fact fear itself is what will keep us experiencing that massive love and truth that they have to offer. In my oppinion, the reason they havnt disclosed themselves is because we have freewill, they WILL not violate our freewill, or impose anything on us, but it's now come to the point, its time to make the transition "david"

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